WE ARE ZEEIF - Introduction


Early in 1990s Allah bestowed us and opened the door to pursue the desire and ability He gave us for woodworking and carpentry. While in 1990s we were working with the name of Sufian Furniture and then renamed to ZEEIF in 2011, when we formally launched company doing made to order furniture and woodworking projects for companies and businesses while still working full time as carpentry. With business cards in hand and a just about that time, our business was kicked off by launching special packages for traditional Jahez furniture, for our customer's beloved daughters. From that work, it led to a chain of referrals from one customer to the next, doing carpentry, custom woodworking and subsequently interiors in both residential and commercial spaces.

Since then, there are many satisfied customers who have been instrumental in referring business to us and trusting us with repeat business, and for that we are thankful. Referrals and repeat business has been our main source of work.


Traditional city of Jhang is still our stronghold for manufacturing, workshops and wood. Present day our head office is located in Islamabad and we are serving all major locations nationwide, like Lahore, Karachi and allied regions. 


We know our business name is different, and certainly not typical for this type of work, so we are often asked, “How did you come up with the name?” The simplest answer is that it's named after our line of work's abbreviations i.e. "Zeeshan Interiors & Furniture" or shortly ZEEIF.


We are team of carpenters, woodwork designers, crafts artists, trained in custom made furniture and through explosion of internet and larger social evolution, drawn and inspired to build modern and latest designs which enables us meet or exceed our customer's requirements while retaining quality of work and our traditional craftsmanship expertise.