A benefit to customers is that on most projects we would do everything from start to finish. For example, on a finished basement we would do the demo if needed; rough framing; install, tape and finish drywall; paint; doors; finish carpentry and laminate floors. This means hiring only one person instead of several. We would provide subcontractors for trades such as plumbing and electric so you don't have to find someone. If there are custom features requiring woodworking skills, We can design and build a wide variety of unique elements for a truly customized look.

Your project is typically the only one we would be working on at the time, so there would not be delays due to time on a different job. On some jobs, two or three people working on the same project will complete it sooner. But when it involves multiple skills which would require a different contractor, scheduling delays are not an issue, since we are there every day working through each phase from start to finish.


Finally, as stated earlier, repeat business and referrals is our main source of business. That in itself says a lot about the quality of our work. I hope you have found this information helpful to you. We thought by giving information about ourselves, you can make an informed decision instead of an anxious one. Comparison of our Wood Quality and Price from others enables our customers to take better choice. We adhere to unbeatable Quality and Price policy.

Thank you for reading our story, we hope you enjoyed and ng someday might find us a helping hand.