So much of a comfortable living space is having a place to put your books, dishes, music, etc. in an orderly manner. Now, couple that with elegance and beauty. That's the pure sweetness of cabinet work. We enjoy the opportunity to get in to kitchens and interior environments and address specific problems in design and function. What woods do you like? What are the lines of your interior? What do you want to place in to your cabinetry? It's all about problem solving with a bent toward an aesthetic of elegance and beauty.

Space Planning

We make it easy for you to design your project, whether you want to remodel an old infrastructure or new construction, you are at a right place aligning the form and function to fulfill your dreams.

ZEEIF Interior Solutions division works with specialized project design teams and local stakeholders to design projects with clear, realistic and measurable development outcomes to improve project quality and effectiveness by providing complete furnishing solutions in-house like:

We also provide sub-contract works like electrical, AC ducting, civil works and artistic paintings.